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Our Story

Jocko's has been in the making since 2017.

A local family had a vision to create a safe and fun environment for all ages to come and make lasting memories. Their vision finally started to come into view in January 2020 and the ideas have now come to life. 

Jocko's encourages all ages and races to come and share in the experience they want to provide. There will be mini golf, concessions and an arcade.

We look forward to bringing new excitement to Cabarrus county and surrounding areas!


  1. Teach and practice "The Golden Rule" in all matters

  2. Facilities will ALWAYS be clean, maintained, and offer something new

  3. Food will be fun, fresh and affordable


  5. New ideas or products must be family friendly

  6. Always give to our employees and community as generously as they have given to us

  7. be ambassadors of good and work to spread the love of JESUS


Amandas arcade
for hope

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